Eger (8-10 hours)


Eger (8-10 hours)

A charming, baroque city founded by Saint Stephen (first Hungarian king). It has got nice buildings, an important castle and a classicist basilica. We visit the castle which was defended by women during the Turkish occupation and the interesting catacombs of the castle. We visit the basilica and have a walk in the centre of the town.


  • Wine tasting and lunch in the valley of the „Beautiful Women”
  • Combine the tour with visiting Egerszalok’s thermal baths.
  • Combine the tour with Gödöllő (palace of Sisi).
  • Combine the tour with the visit to Hollókő.


  • by car (or by taxi): 350,-EUR/group
  • by minibus: 470,-EUR/group
  • Optional 1.: wine tasting: + 7,-EUR/person lunch: 16,-EUR/person
  • Optional 2.: entrance to a famous thermal bath + 10,-EUR/person
  • Optional 3.: entrance of the palace: + 7,-EUR/person
  • Optional 4.: by car (or by taxi: 350,-EUR/group by minibus 520,-EUR/group


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