Horse show in a typical farm with lunch


Horse show in a typical farm with lunch (3-4 hours)

The Lázár brothers are world champions in coach driving. Their farm is situated 45 km from Budapest in a precious valley. During the program you can see a presentation of Hungarian horses, you will hear about traditions and you will see a show, the incredible tricks of the pastors. There is a small zoo with animals like (pig mangalica, the grey cow, the puli dog, the sheep racka, the ponies, gooses, donkeys). At the end you can have a ride on the horse driven carriages to see the countryside. Optional: lunch at the farm.


  • by car (or by taxi): 180,-EUR/group
  • minibus: 220,-EUR/group
  • + horse show and coach driving: 14,-EUR/person
  • Optional lunch + 18,-EUR/person


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