Szentendre (4 hours)


Szentendre (4 hours)

Szentendre (Saint Andrew patron saint of the village) is a small, charming village at the banks of the River Danube. Its old center has got baroque houses, orthodox churches and Mediterranean atmosphere. It is often called artist’s village because lots of painters and sculptors established here for its pleasant ambiance.
Here you can visit more than 20 museums / Museum of Margit Kovács, Marzipan Museum, Miniature Museum/. We also visit a nice orthodox church with precious icons and we have a walk in the village center and on the banks of River Danube. At the end, you have some free time for shopping.


  • It is possible to make this trip to Szentendre by boat


  • by car (or by taxi): 180,-EUR/group
  • by minibus: 220,-EUR/group
  • Optional: guide 100,-EUR/group, boat ticket : 10,-EUR/person


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